Money Summit and Wealth Expo

I can’t believe my husband and I will be attending this! The Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2011 will teach us 12 ways to create passive income. What is passive income? It’s when you’re not working your butt off but you’re still earning. So far we only have Google Adsense as our source of passive income but it’s still not enough to raise a family. LOL! That’s why I want to learn more and more and more. Here are the topics that will be covered in this two-day seminar.

  • Passive Income From Rental Properties
  • Make Money From Condo Rentals
  • Build and Sell Projects
  • Passive Income with Fixer Uppers (buy – renovate – sell/flip)
  • Ride the Stock Market Bull Run
  • Predictable Income Streams with Bonds
  • Investing in Gold and other Precious Metals
  • Diversified Portfolio of Investment Funds
  • Affiliate Marketing Money Machine (or, Earn Commissions via the Internet)
  • Sell High-Value Information with Online Membership Sites (or, Sell What You Know Online)
  • Residual Income through Licensing and Royalties
  • Passive Income from blogs and social media (or, How to Make Money From Blogging and Facebook)
I’m so excited I can’t sleep. I am prepared to be inspired tomorrow and the best thing is my husband will be there with me. Didn’t they say the family the learns together stays together? LOL!
Anyway, if you want to learn about passive income too click here for more details.
Thanks, Mhel of for these precious tickets! You gave it to the right people. We promise we won’t blink during the two-day seminar. LOL!

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