Goodbye Sore Arms, Hello Independent Baby!

The day Zachary got his walker was the day I breathed a sigh of relief. Before that I would spend hours carrying him on and off. It should be easy but not when he weighs 10 kilos! I though I could swear off buying him stuff that he would outgrow in a few months that are not so important – like the walker – but seeing how we both benefited tremendously from it I am now kicking myself why I didn’t buy it any sooner.

So now we have a little man prancing around the house. It is such a delight to see him moving about and I can sense he’s also happy with his new found independence. The advantage of having a small house is I don’t have to run after him and I can just supervise him while I’m blogging and searching for apidexin reviews. I’m wondering if it’s safe for breastfeeding mothers like me. Anyway, I might not need it eventually. I heard before that breastfeeding can help you lose those extra pounds you piled on during your pregnancy and I think it’s really true. It took a while for me to shed it off but now that Zachary is already 7 months I am beginning to lose weight. I am not as hungry as before. I think it’s because he has already started eating solids.

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