Duchess Kate

If there’s one person I’m reading in the news everyday, it’s the Duchess of Cambridge. I like her poise and the way she handles herself in the public. I love her different dresses and gowns. I read before that she doesn’t have a stylist with her and she chooses her own dress. If that is true then she’s doing a superb job of doing it.

Today, the Duke and Duchess arrived by plane for a series of commitments in the US. I heard the rich and famous in Hollywood are paying huge $$ just to see them at a party. It is apparent as early as now that the two of them are much loved.

The Duchess may not want anything more. She has all the shoes, the bags, the gowns. She can have all the jewelries and might even need a necklace display just to keep tabs of her necklaces but it is obvious by the way she and William smile at each other that she has the only person she needs and that is her husband by her side.

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  1. Vera

    I’ve just been looking at photos of the couple on their Canada tour. They are beautiful people, anything looks good on them!


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