Baby Food – Carrots Recipe

At 7 months, Zachary is already getting the hang of eating. I don’t blame him. It must be tough looking at his mommy, daddy, and kuya eating together at the dinner table. He would stare at us wondering what we are doing. So when we finally gave him his first solid food last month he was so ready for it.

He was eating carrots at the picture. At first, I had doubts he would like it. His initial food was cerelac. But I didn’t want him getting used to that because it’s not natural baby food. I’m glad I followed my gut instinct because he really liked it. My hubby couldn’t believe it either but smiled so much when he saw how his baby liked it so much. Hubby was the one feeding him in the picture.

Carrots Recipe

boiled carrot



Peel the carrot once it’s soft. Add water and milk and mix until it’s the right consistency.

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