5 Tips For Keeping Your Printed Coupons Organized

While everyone has hopes of saving money, the people who are diligent in using coupons are the ones who are really successful. One coupon alone can give you an item for free. It is just a matter of matching that coupon up to a sale in your area. However, the majority of people who do use them when shopping find that they are not having much success. The reason is their own disorganization. When you choose to coupon, the only way of really seeing the savings is to be organized and to know what coupons you have and to make finding them easy. The following are 5 tips for keeping your printed coupons organized:

Tip # 1: Try Notebook Binders

A lot of successful savers are using notebook binders to keep their printed coupons organized. By using page protectors that have anywhere between 3 and 9 slots, you can view your coupons quickly. You can even use divider tabs to separate them into different categories. With the quick flip of the page, you will know exactly what coupons you have and they will not get damaged in the transport to the store.

Tip #2: Use A Filing Cabinet

If you do not wish to carry a binder in the stores or even cut coupons until you want to use them, organize them by insert date in a filing cabinet. By doing this, you can print out your shopping list and then look up any relevant coupons in an online coupon database. This will give you which insert the coupon you want is in and then you can go clip the ones you need.

Tip #3: Try The Envelope System

A lot of people who use coupons are also using the envelope system. Putting the coupons into envelopes which are marked with the specific category can be a very easy system to use. Simply mark the categories, such as Dairy, Frozen, Canned Goods, etc. on the envelopes and, no matter what aisle you are in, you will always have them available. Not only that, your envelopes should fit very easily into your purse.

Tip #4: Recipe Organizers Are Useful

If the binder and envelope method are not for you, try keeping your printed coupons in a small box, such as a recipe organizer. How you organize them will depend on what method you find easiest. While some people prefer them organized into categories, others prefer to organize them alphabetically by product name. This way, if you are looking to see if you have a coupon for a specific type of pizza, you only have to look under the letter the specific type of pizza starts with.

Tip #5: Another Option Is Accordion-Style Folders

Accordion-style folders are another option for those who want to keep their coupons more organized. Again, you can place them in the file according to category or alphabetically. However, as coupons tend to be small, a smaller folder will keep you from losing the coupons you place in the files.

No matter which system you choose to organize your printed coupons, your biggest issue will be consistency. Whenever you get new coupons, make sure that you take the time to file them away. You also need to make sure that you set time aside each week to clean out your files of expired coupons. While we hate to see them expired or thrown out, nothing is worse than discovering it at the store and having to pay full price or having to have the item cancelled off your order. As long as you are organized, you can prevent a lot of complications and you will be able to save more.

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