Turn Your Ipod Touch into Iphone 4

For my husband’s 31st birthday, I gave him an Ipod Touch as a gift. It was the first time we purchased an Apple product. I really wanted to give him an Iphone 4 but my budget said no. I’m sure you know that an Iphone 4 costs 4 times more when it first came out. The Ipod was great and most useful particularly when we need to access the internet right away or when we need to get a quick photo. Unfortunately, it what my husband needs more is a phone. He uses the phone a lot to communicate with his agents at his work.

So now I’m thinking of giving him an Apple peel 520. This cool thing converts your Ipod Touch 4 into an Iphone. It’s still quite pricey but still way cheaper than getting the real Iphone. I’m not sure if he would be needing a wireless cellular booster for it to work but I’m sure he’ll like my gift.

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