The Importance of Hand Cream

I’m sure moms like me would agree that our hands are the most abused part of our body. With our multiple roles as wife, mother, housekeeper, and employees there will come a time that all those hard work will take a toll on our poor hands.

Take it from my grandma. She was the most hardworking woman I know. Unfortunately, she learned the hard way that not taking care of her hands was going to cost her in the end. By the time she was in her 50s, her hands were gnarled and veiny. My poor grandma tried to make up for lost time by applying hand cream and even using gloves while working but alas, the damage has already been done.

That is the reason why I am particularly conscious in taking care of my hands. Applying lotion regularly would do the trick. Hand cream is essential tin keeping our hands smooth, soft, and well moisturized. We all know that dryness is the number one source of aging. That is why we must be particular in keeping our hands moisturized especially after hand washing. Aside from that, this is best applied every morning and every evening before going to bed. Apply the it in a circular motion. Aside from the hands, apply it also on your nails and cuticles.

If you can’t afford those expensive creams then don’t worry because even the regular ones will do. The key is caring for it early on. If you start young then you will surely benefit the rewards later in life.


One thought on “The Importance of Hand Cream

  1. Chris

    yes moisturizing is important. I read too that you should apply lotion right after you wash, as it locks in the moisture from the water. Have a nice weekend


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