Making Movies Out of My Ipod Has Never Been This Easy!

Tinkering with my husband’s Ipod Touch 4 is one of our family’s favorite past times. We just love how it is easy to take the pictures and upload them on Facebook. The pictures below are just some of them. Memories that will be cherished forever indeed.

But as you can see, the Ipod Touch’s pictures are not that good. The videos are much better though! We have a handful of videos stored in our Ipod and it’s a shame that we don’t get to share it. Just a few nights ago, I was reformatting my laptop and I was stumped at what to do with our videos. My biggest worry is that these special moments with my family captured in videos will be misplaced and forgotten forever.

Today, I think I have found the solution to my problem. Fixlab!

With Fixlab, you can create movies – yep, you heard it right – featuring your favorite videos and photos from your Iphone or Ipod Touch or any smartphone for that matter. If you have tried making a video out of your photo you know it is not an easy process. Fixlab makes everything easy for you because you can do this while on your phone. When you’re done then you can upload it easily to share with your families and friends.

I can’t wait to¬†Downlaod Flixlab Free and try it out! This app is really heaven sent for a busy mom like me who still wants to capture all the important milestones of her kids.

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