It’s Father’s Day! Time to Take out Those Champagne Glasses

It’s going to be Father’s day in a few days and it’s time to pamper the daddies in our lives. I don’t know why this day is not that well celebrated just like Mother’s day. I think we also have to celebrate the men in our lives and do what they like to do on this day. For some dads, maybe it’s the time to take out the wine decater and champagne glasses and party but for my husband who is more of a homebody, an enjoyable homemade lunch and some pampering will do the trick. He’s not keen on going out because during the weekend it’s his time to rest. I completely understand because he works hard during the week so I want him to be as comfortable as possible and treat him like a king on that day.

Of course, our little ones will have to join in on the celebration. I was hoping my eldest would sing him a nice song and draw him a Father’s day card. I still don’t know how our little one will participate but I’m guessing he doesn’t have to do much. Just a cute smile is already enough to melt his Daddy’s heart.

I want their Dad to feel how much he’s loved because he has been a great father to them. I know he has sacrificed much just to make sure they’ll have a great future ahead of them.

As for me, I would try and cook a hearty lunch for him. I will cook some of his favorite foods complete with dessert for his sweet tooth. We may not beĀ  giving him some luxury holidays in Turkey this year but what we can give is from the bottom of our hearts.



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