It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive

This is the memory verse that greeted me in one of my son’s PACES this morning. I really felt guilty after reading this. I asked myself, when was the last time I thought of giving? It seems it has been a long, long time. No, I am not a shopaholic who constantly shops but I think I am as guilty because my heart has been filled with desires for material things and crave for them way too often than I should. Instead of focusing on the matters that are more important like giving and being a joy and inspiration to others I have been focusing more on me and what I think I deserve to have.

It will be easy for us to get distracted on what really matters most because every day we are bombarded with eye catching advertisements of gadgets on TV and even online. Do not get me wrong. I don’t frown upon wishing for brand new cameras, laptops, phones or even brand new fireplace mantels to replace our aging one. But we have to keep our heart in check and make sure that our desires do not overtake what really matters in life.

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