Is Meralco’s Prepaid Electricity Meter the Answer to our Electric Bill Woes?

I don’t know about you but I am left in the dark when it comes to our Meralco bill. Yes, I have used the Meralco calculator online but the truth is that is no good. How am I going to know how many hours we watch television everyday or how long we turn on our lights?

Our latest bill broke our previous record (inset picture).

Just last month, our meralco bill ballooned. That was the highest Meralco bill I have paid in our five years of marriage. Although I want to protest I couldn’t. So I just hoped and prayed that there was no error in our bill and what they charged us was correct. But you know the bill you just paid hurts your pocket when you now wonder how much does it cost to charge your 8gb ipod nano or when you hesitate to turn on the light even while you are working.

I thought all was lost and we would be trapped in this lousy system forever but then I heard Meralco was already making steps to make their meter (or I guess it’s optional) prepaid. Yes, prepaid just like your cellphone where you will know in real time how much electricity you have already consumed! I will be cautious in being ecstatic because I do not know all the details yet and besides, I really do not trust Meralco that much. If this is going to be good for the consumers or will just benefit the power corporation in the long run I guess time will only tell.

One thought on “Is Meralco’s Prepaid Electricity Meter the Answer to our Electric Bill Woes?

  1. israel santiago

    do you know how can i apply for the meralco prepaid electricity. we only have electricity because of our neighbor. pls help, we share the same problem regarding electric bill.


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