A Support System Can Help you Survive Motherhood

Here are my two lovely boys. They are almost six years apart but you can see that they really love each other. My eldest son can’t keep himself from kissing his baby brother, while my youngest son is attentive whenever he sees his older brother.

Raising two boys can be harder than usual because boys are more active than girls. They keep me on my toes all day that when night comes I just flop down in bed exhausted. Had I not had a very supportive husband and a reliable help, I would not have survived being the mother of two young boys. So I understand why some mothers, who are not as lucky as I am, to seek the help of some anti-depressant drugs like Prozac. Yes, motherhood is tough and without a support system it can also be depressing.

But drugs are not the answer to problems, and so a lot of women are realizing. It turned out that some pregnant women who took Prozac had children with birth defects. If you’re one of those women you can file a Prozac lawsuit. You can also hire a good lawyer so you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

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