Zachary’s Dedication

One of the most important celebrations in a baby’s life is his Dedication. Babies are a gift from God that is why it is important for us, Christians, to dedicate him back to the Lord as soon as possible. Zachary’s dedication was held a few weeks short of his second month on earth. His grandfather was kind enough to shoulder all the expenses. It was a stress free affair for all of us because the restaurant that they hired to cater the food also had access to reliable printing services that took care of our other needs such as the invitation and the poster.


The poster above was already provided by the restaurant. We just took the pictures then emailed it to them. We didn’t see it until we arrived at the restaurant on the day of the celebration and we didn’t regret we let them handled it.


Also included in the package was a nice cake and some cute giveaways. Overall, I love how it all turned out. It was indeed a wonderful way to welcome Zachary to the Christian world.

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