While Waiting for the Royal Wedding

The world has just celebrated the union of the British Royal, Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton. I was one of the two billion people who tuned in to watch the grand event. It was a long wait but the different outfits and outrageous hats of the guests kept me entertained. I was disappointed by what Victoria Beckham wore though. Being pregnant shouldn’t hinder her from being stylish. She should have looked blooming instead of looking like she was going to a funeral.

Anyway, while I was waiting for the bride to appear I also browsed the net on online casino uk to while the time away. I’ve discovered that you can play for free so when I’m bored I try my luck by playing the slot machine. For professional players though, I know they play for money and they play to win. If you are thinking about playing in one you should do your research first by reading review sites because I just read in the news the other day that some online sites scam players of their money. Taking precaution early on before you engage in any online activity would be a prudent move on your part.

Anyway, when the bride finally appeared I instantly admired her because of her coolness and grace under pressure. She was cool as a cucumber even when all 4 billion eyes were on her (2 billion people watched, right?haha). Just seeing her, I know why her Prince chose her among the other women. I know she will make a great queen someday.

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