We’re So Lucky to Have Him

Zachary is now 5 months old. He is undeniably the apple of everyone’s eyes in our household. We have definitely waited too long to have a baby and now that we have one, we can’t get enough of him!

Just look at his picture. Isn’t he the cutest?  Even our friends and relatives can’t get enough of this cute baby. They would come to our house just to take a look at him. Everyone at church agrees he grows up too fast. We all don’t want him to grow up fast because if he does then we don’t have a baby anymore.

Yes, we’re indeed lucky to have him around. That is why whenever I hear about other babies that get sick my heart breaks. Recently, I heard in the news about the  Topamax lawsuit that parents are filing against a pharmaceutical company. This drug, Topamax has a side effect to unborn children in the womb thus affecting their babies. I hope whoever is responsible will be brought to jail. It’s so sad that some innocent babies were affected by this tragedy.

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