Now a Size 0

I was looking for abdominal cuts review when I chanced upon Kendra Wilkinson on DailyMail. The sexy reality TV star revealed her amazing body at the newest edition of Life & Style magazine. I think it must have been more than a year ago when she gave birth to her baby. I was able to watch her reality show and although she still looked great after giving birth it was a known fact that she did gain weight.

Two years later, it’s apparent that she had left that episode behind her as she unveils her new body at the latest issue of Life & Style. The once size 2-4 playboy housemate who was at her heaviest when she gained 60 pounds after giving birth to her son is now a proud size 0. Even her husband is convinced that this is the best she’s ever looked.

One thought on “Now a Size 0

  1. nelson RN

    Oh la la… what a body 😀

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