Losing Weight by Zumba

I was browsing some Groupon sites when I saw a discount for a class on Zumba. I was instantly curious what it was all about. Upon further research, I found out that it was an aerobic dance for the figure conscious. I watch some videos on YouTube and how I wish I could attend a class or two. Although I gave birth a couple months ago already there are still some unwanted fats in my tummy, arms, and legs that wouldn’t go away. I want to lose weight by drinking diet shakes

and cutting back on my food but since I’m still breastfeeding I think I would hold out on those. So my only option at the moment is staying active and exercising. Admittedly, exercise is way too boring for me but a dance workout like Zumba doesn’t look so bad. I miss dancing and hitting two birds in one stone is a great idea.

For now, I am going to start by copying the moves I see on videos posted at Youtube but I hope that when I go to the mall I get to buy a Zumba video so I can get a proper workout at home.

One thought on “Losing Weight by Zumba

  1. The Single Sassy Chick

    Hi could you share more about Zumba? I need to shed some pounds off…geez I eat too much rice, well since yesterday I resolved to not have rice on my diet but I think it will also help if I do exercise other than doing household chores.


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