Excited about my Meme

I am so excited with my new meme, the BC Bloggers Meme. This is only the second week but I’m overwhelmed at the number of people joining. I am already thinking of interesting topics for the participants. During the first week, we shared about the blogging “secrets” we have learned. I had fun reading the participants posts. If you were one of those but didn’t receive a comment from me, my apologies. I have read your blog post but my connection is too slow so I was not able to leave my comment. This week, we’re talking about our Facebook addiction or lack of it (at least for a few). I have already read their answers and I’m surprised that there are still people who can resist the lure of Facebook! My hat’s up to you guys! I know I’m better off blogging about equestrian clothing but I really can’t help but peek at my account every five minutes. sigh!For next month, I would reveal more interesting topics. I hope more bloggers join so we can learn a lot from each other and in the process increase our blogs’ rankings the fun way.

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