BCB – Food that Takes Me Back to my Childhood


My lola is an excellent cook but of all her specialties my favorite is Suman sa Ibos. It’s suman made from malagkit rice and wrapped neatly with young coconut leaves. I know it’s not so hard to cook. I haven’t tried cooking but from what I know it’s simply just cooking the malagkit with coconut milk. The hard part is the wrapping. Just thinking about that makes me think twice of doing it. This is the food that makes me miss my lola the most. I can still see her wrapping suman with her expert hands in our kitchen back in the province. How I wish shes still here asking me what I’d like to eat and then whipping it up just like magic the way she used to do it. Then I would unwrap it until all the suman is exposed, transfer it in a plate, and dip it in sugar before putting it in my mouth. Yum! For suman that’s already a couple of days old the trick is to fry it on a pan to make it crispy then dip it with sugar. Double yum!

Okay, enough of this. It’s making me crazy already. It’s your turn to join our meme. Tell us about your favorite food from childhood, grab our badge, and link last week’s participants.

Thanks for those who joined last week!

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  1. Mirage

    Hi! It’s my first time to join. I just posted my entry and haven’t done linking yet as I have to leave for now. Will link soon and read more about rules. Thanks!

  2. theresa montino

    hi.. i added my url pero name ko pa ang nag -appear.. i’m a first timer.. help if what i did was right.. thanks.. =)


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