The Sound that Brought Back Memories from my Childhood

I was trying to put my baby to sleep when I heard a sound nearby. It was the sound of people playing bingo. The sound immediately brought me back to my childhood. To me, the sound they make as they shake the bottle containing the numbers brought back sweet memories. In our hometown, when people get bored and got nothing to do they get together and play bingo. I didn’t get to join because I was still a little girl then but my aunts and uncles did. It was such a popular game that sometimes 10 or even more people join in.

They make the game more entertaining by assigning nicknames for numbers. I’m afraid I already forgot the nicknames they gave but to this day I still can’t forget the sound of their laughter as the number with the funny sounding name is called out.

Now, in the age of internet, PSP, and ipads, I rarely see people playing bingo in the streets. That was why I was pleasantly surprised when that afternoon when I heard the familiar sound of the bingo tiles being shaken.  When I went out to investigate my hunch was correct for I saw a couple of our neighbors hunched over their bingo cards.  I wanted to join but I had a baby to take care of. Good thing nowadays free online bingo can be accessed readily online. I checke out their sites and I was surprised at the different kinds of bingo available for different types of people. If you like music like my husband then the Sing Bingo is for you. For a person like me who likes reading about celebrities then hollywood bingo is just perfect. So now I don’t miss the bingo of my childhood because I can play whenever I wanted.

One thought on “The Sound that Brought Back Memories from my Childhood

  1. junebride

    reading your bingo post made me recall my childhood life in our province as well. I bet bingo is still being played there until now. And yeah! There are given names to those numbers too which give the players a great laugh.


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