Simplicity is Beauty

Simplicity is beauty, they say. I truly believe in this saying but when I met this friend of mine who has been working as an interior designer, I had a change of heart. There are times when simplicity just won’t work, especially in interior designing where most objects must be flashy.
During my meeting with this interior designer friend, I was able to learn a few good tips in interior designing. Well, I learned that plants can make a big impact in decorating the house. The bathroom can be accentuated with green plants. And don’t forget the plant stands as well. Or you can also go for bamboo plants for that oriental look inside the house. Bonsai plants are also a good table toppers. Your house will be screaming fresh green theme when plants are placed. But there is one thing you should not forget and that is to get these plants out once in a while for sunshine vitamin and watering them regularly.

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