Cherokee Scrubs – A Splash of Color in the Hospital

I’ve seen them in white. I’ve also seen some in green, but what can be a more refreshing and upbeat color in the hospital? Somehow, I want to see more lively colors in the hospital. You see, this place is already so glooomy that a splash of vibrant colors is a must, and I think most people would agree to that.

I truly hope more nurses and nurse assistants wear printed or colored scrubs more often as these colors will do so much in helping patients feel better inside these hospitals. I have a sister who is a nurse in one of the hospitals here and I can say I have influenced her in wearing Cherokee Scrubs at work. The Cherokee Mock Wrap Top is simply a blast of summer colors that even the coldest heart will be warmed. For a more elegant scrub cut, the Empire Waist Top for medical professionals is the one to choose.

So I guess I will see more and more color inside the hospital. For a person like me who frequents to the hospital and clinic a lot, these colorful scrubs actually do so many wonders.

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