Samsung TVs’ LCD Screen Types

Like any other television brands in the market, samsung tvs have different types of LCD screen. Each of the type has difference when it comes to how the viewer can see the picture. Here are some of the types of Samsung LCD screen and their features to help you understand them more.

Samsung 450 Series LCD TV Screen. This type can be bought in various sizes like 19, 22, 26 or 32 inch. It also provides HDTV picture with its 720p screen that will enable you to see pictures well.
Samsung 750 Series LCD TV Screen. This is type has the most demand in the market because of its 1080P which allows people to have the best view of the pictures. In addition to that, this
750 series will give you a 3D, HD and 2D experience.

Samsung 670 Series LCD TV Screen. This offers wide and bigger screens that can measure from 40 to 46 inches with the same resolution that of the 750 series. Has 150, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that cause the picture to be more lively.

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