Feather Flags

The world of advertising has just become more colorful and interesting, thanks to the new wave of street advertising medium. So what has made the already interesting world of advertising more colorful than ever? The answer is no other than feather flags or also called flutter flags. What is so nice about these flags is that they are attention grabbers. They are placed on the streets and while the gentle breeze blow these flags, so is the advertising power drawn towards passers-by and other people who see the flags.

A feather flag, unlike the regular flag, is installed vertically, with the text streaming downwards. Thus, the text printed on the flag is more visible and readable, and no matter how strong the wind may blow, it is guaranteed that the text or advertisement is still read. This kind of flag is not only used in the world of advertising. It is also used during sports competitions, festivities, tournaments and the likes.

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