Old Style Isn’t Out of Style

Do you agree that old-style fashion is never out of date? It may sound contradicting, but honestly, those designs, craze, clothes and other accessories from the past can always look so trendy. If you do not believe in this, just take a look at how LBDs are so loved until now. Audrey Hepburn is the proof that past beauty and trend will always be a trend regardless of the time. And look at the charm of Marilyn Monroe and the designs of Coco Chanel.

Before, platform shoes rocked the ‘70s with their unusual chunkiness designs. And until now, platform shoes are still among the most loved pairs of shoes by people. Mini dresses are not only ‘60s wardrobe but up until now. Just wear black tights and you are oh-so-gorgeous. And how about Fedora Hats from the ‘80s line of fashion trends. Now, both men and women wear these kinds of hats.

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