Oil Painting

Oil painting was first seen and felt in Europe and later on, it became widespread until everyone was trying it. If you haven’t tried it yet but think you have the golden fingers and want to, then there is no other day to try oil painting but now.

So what is oil painting actually? It is a special process of painting that uses pigments that have drying oil. In early modern Europe, they used linseed oil particularly. Most of the time, linseed oil is boiled with a resin. Sometimes, they use frankincense or pine resin when boiling. Other times, walnut oil, poppyseed and safflower oil is used because they turn out less yellowish when dried.

Oil paint was also used before by Indians and Chinese who painted Buddhist Paintings. Now it is used to paint portraits and even nice sceneries and are more expensive when sold as compared to other paintings. This is because of the complexity of the painting process and the unquestionable beauty of the finished artwork which has different textures and not simply a plain and flat painting.


There is an Oil Painting Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona that is worth visiting especially when you are into it. There you can see some oil paintings that use various techniques and different thickness of oil to achieve the artwork. But you will be amazed when you visit Art galleries in Scottsdale AZ because you will be able to discover many other creative contemporary artworks exhibited. In addition, you will also be able to replenish your creative meter and inspiration.

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