Lazy Boy Recliner

We were strolling Market! Market! yesterday when we walked by this furniture shop. Outside it were two lazy boy recliners on display. Just on a whim, I asked the salesman how much it was then proceeded to sit on one. I was carrying Zachary in a sling but my arm was aching because I didn’t know how to use it yet so it was a relief to finally sit on a chair. The salesman told me that it was 50% off and was priced way cheaper than I expected it. I imagined myself sitting on it in my room while breastfeeding, blogging, reading with Z, watching TV, or just relaxing. That’s the time I knew I had to buy it!

I thought it was going to be delivered today but yesterday, it arrived thanks to the kind salesman who made sure it gets delivered early because he knew I was so excited. So now I’m updating my blogs sitting on the Lazy boy.

All I can say that I love, love, love it!  The bad side is Z also loves it and we have to alternate! hahaha  Anyway, I’m glad we invested on this chair. I know it’s a luxury to purchase one but hey, this tired mom needs to feel luxurious once in a while too. 🙂

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