Fighting for our Rights

Being someone who has dreamed to be like those of our national heroes since I was a kid makes me think of how hard it is to achieve this extraordinary sort of dream. “Fight for the poor!” is a common quotation, heroes of our time always bellow. And this inspires me to be a lawyer who’s born not to serve for the money but for the needy. I should be the one to help the innocent poor who has been accused. How? Be strong and have faith to what you believe. Do not be afraid of the sword, bad guys will be going to thrust into you if you have told the truth. Instead, be afraid of the hands of GOD, who might throw you out from the gates of heaven for telling lies. Be a role model, like that of an Austin Accutane attorney who have been excellent and inspirational examples for everyone, who should be helping the poor and the needy to fight for their rights.

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