Diamonds for my Church Wedding

My husband and I were never married in a church.  We only had a civil ceremony at Las Pinas City Hall.  I’m quite content with it.  I’m not one of the girls who dream of an extravagant wedding. However, as hubby’s friends are starting to get married one by one he gets nostalgic and wants us to have our own church wedding. Practical me just wants to save the money so we can start our own business.  But that doesn’t mean I’m saying no. Who knows it will come true some day?
Anyway, I have only one condition if our church wedding pushes through. That my hubby gives me a diamond ring. I have always loved to have one of those.  Diamonds created to last forever is one of the must haves in my list.  I know it’s worth it because I can even pass it on to my daughter (if I have one in the future). Rare and blue gems to me are also a must have.  Colored diamonds – whew! I would love to get my finger on one of those.  I hope hubby is reading my blog. He has a lot to save for before we get married. hahaha

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