Cheap XBox 360 Console Packages

While every video game addict would want to own a Playstation 3 or an XBox 360 to get their fix of popular video games like the “Final Fantasy” or “Devil May Cry” series, it’s a sad fact that not everyone can afford to buy them.

Thanks to game console and video game distributors who are competing for your hard-earned cash on the Internet, it is now possible for you to buy cheap XBox 360 console packages.

In the first place, why buy a console package instead of just purchasing the game console alone? The main reason for this is that certain games would require additional controllers and a bigger hard drive for you to save them. If you buy a console alone, you will end up dishing out more money for these extensions. This is why it better that you purchase a console package that would best meet your gaming requirements.

Here are the three main XBox 360 console packages that you will find on the web and their estimated prices based on the latest data from Nextag…

1. XBox 360 4GB Console = Considered the cheapest entry level package, the XBox 360 4GB Console Package consists of the console itself, one controller, an XBox 360 headset, and the necessary cables. The estimated price of this package is $279.00.

2. XBox 360 250GB Console = Boasting of the same extensions as the 4GB Console, the XBox 360 250GB has a much larger hard drive in which you can saveĀ  all your favorite games, as well as download movies and video game trailers. The estimated price of this package is $299.00.

3. XBox 360 250GB Console with Kinect and Kinect Adventures = While having the same features as the regular 250GB Console, the XBox 360 260GB Console with Kinect allows multiplayer gaming for a full interactive experience. Kinect also allows gaming with the use of your body, an experience which most gamers usually associate with the Wii Console. The estimated price of this package is $399.00.

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