Cheap Webhosting

I am on the lookout for Affordable Web Hosting ever since I found out that when my Hostgator account said it offers unlimited hosting but recently I found out really wasn’t.  Now I’m planning to host my blogs in three different hosts instead of two hence the need for a cheap host.  Hostgator is good but is very pricey.  I am currently paying $10 a month.  The extra cost proved that it was worth it because just recently my blogs were all hacked. After emailing support, the problem was taken cared of in a record time of 15 minutes! Talk about efficient and reliable customer support.

However, my problem is the space.  If there’s no such thing as unlimited in terms of space in hosting then my only other option is to add another one.  I thought finding another one would be hard but fortunately, I found a website that has a list of cheap webhosts available online. What I like most about it is the table that compares all of them in one glance.  All the information that I need – monthly fee, disk space, bandwidth, and number of domains you can add are all there.  The most helpful is their 4Value rating which rates the reliability of each from one to five.  I have browsed it and now I have an idea of what hosting to chose. Thanks to

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