CEO of our House

I have written in my Facebook page before that I am a CEO – CEO of our household, that is.  After years of running our house I have realized that no work is really easy and that includes the household chores. That is why I treat running our house like I run a small business. Before it involves only me and my husband but now that we have two kids and a job online I had to hire some help.  Now it’s even more complicated because I have two people to help me, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.  Each person has a specific job so there won’t be any problems. The morning person cleans the whole house and cook food for lunch after which she can go home. My regular one, who stays in and studies part time takes care of dinner and our dog’s needs. I can also ask her to take care of the baby when I have to rush some things at night.
For companies where there are hundreds or even thousands on board, it would be a nightmare if things don’t go smoothly. That is why every person hired must be given a specific responsibility and is expected to execute his/her job on time.  Because of the cooperation of the people behind the company, a lot of companies have become very successful worldwide.  I really don’t know the history of companies but I think that it is a Revolutionary Idea. Of course, as is with any other ideas there is still room for improvement. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that companies have helped a lot of people too.

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