Apartment, Where Art Thou?

I’m glad we’re done with looking for Minneapolis Apartments For Rent. We’re now living in my hubby’s childhood home so that means we’re also rent free. Sometimes I still can’t believe we won’t be looking for apartments for rent in a while.

Finding a new place to live can be stressful. The first time we had to do it we hired someone to take us around a village to look for one. Our search turned out to be futile – we didn’t find anything that is good enough for us or one that fits our budget. It was a complete waste of time I tell you. I think we did all the things that we shouldn’t do the first time we did it. Anyway, the next day we were able to find one with the help of my hubby’s colleague. He referred us around the area where he lives so we searched there and sure enough in less than an hour we found one.

When looking for an apartment it is best if you get the help of friends or acquaintances who are familiar with the area where you’re planning to live. If you don’t know anyone familiar with the area your next best choice is to search online and compile a list of potential apartments you can visit. By doing this, you can systematically visit each to compare and not end up running a wild goose chase like we did.

One thought on “Apartment, Where Art Thou?

  1. K

    mahirap talaga hanap marerentahan. lalo dito sa baguio. kakahingal maglakad. LOL. bout the computer table, pag nakasahod ka kay sheriff sa friday, pambili mo na pc table. malaki naman ata bigay sayo this payout e ^^


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