Where to Go on a Vacation

So what do you want to do during your next vacation or break? Sure there are a lot of activities you can do over your vacation and you can do this either alone or with friends and family. But of course it will be more fun to go out with great people, right?

During your next weekend getaway, you and your family can visit theme parks and amusement parks for a fun-filled afternoon. There are also some great zoos and resorts you and your children can enjoy time together. For the art lovers, a visit at the local museum and art galleries is a great idea. For couples who want to have their second honeymoon, a trip to the Caribbean or to Hawaii is nothing but perfect. Or how about a poker night at the casino? You can try your luck at the slot machines or play the roulette.

I had the dilemma of where to take my brother and sister a few days ago.  They just arrived from the US and we wanted them to enjoy their vacation here in the Philippines.  Since Tagaytay is the closest we decided to take them there to see the smallest volcano in the world – Taal Volcano.

Yes, you heard it right the smallest volcano is found in our country. Taal volcano is also one of the most active volcano. It is believed to be once a large volcano but some time ago it collapsed and now the thing you see in the picture is the only part left.  I hope they enjoyed our short trip.  Too bad the weather was uncooperative.  It was too chilly in Tagaytay and we didn’t get to do all the things we wanted to do.  Anyway, we enjoyed the sights there.  The view was amazing but next time we’ll check the weather before we make any vacation plans.

One thought on “Where to Go on a Vacation

  1. reese

    after this 2013 election, my family will hit the beaches, hay sa sobrang init i missed to swim
    patatapusin lang namin itong campaign for Teddy’s candidacy


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