Christmas at my In-Laws

Thank to my sister-in-law, we were able to get a decent shot of us last New Year.  What I love most about this photo is Zachary’s face.  Don’t you just love his face there?  He’s really photogenic, isn’t he?  Like he knew there was a camera and he gladly posed for it.  If you’re wondering where Z is in this picture well, he’s too busy to have his picture taken.  He was out playing with his cousins and we just let him be because it was Christmas after all.

Christmas at my in-law’s house was a fun one. The house was merrily decorated and my husband’s family was almost complete.

There was every food imaginable on the table.  I made sure to taste each and every one and naturally, by the end of the night I was stuffed!

My mom was also with us this Christmas. Thank God, she was here or else I wouldn’t have survived the holidays. Z and her grandma were able to bond during her stay here. My mom even obliged to play countless games of beyblade to the delight of her grandson.

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