New Sports to Try this New Year

My hubby and I have this constant struggle to stay in shape.  We know that our main problem is that we don’t enjoy any sports or hobbies that require physical activities.  That’s one of the things we want to change this year.  Enough of the diet plans, we want to just go out there and stretch out aching muscles.

If you are like us who have become too comfortable being a couch potato, this new year is the perfect time to change your bad habits and inject some sports into your lives.  So what kind of sports can you try out this  Year of the Rabbit? Here are a few ideas:

Those who enjoy the snowy days could try ski bobbing and air boarding. You can also call your buddies and play broomball or ringette. During summer, you can head to the beach with your friends and play footvolley, beach rugby or beach tennis. But for those who are looking for unusual sports, try Kabaddi, Beer Pong and Ringball. Another entertaining sport you may want to try is wrestling. But if you do so, better wear a wrestling headgear to protect your ears and chin during a wrestling match.

You do not need to spend a lot for sports equipments especially when you are only a beginner. But if it includes great physical contact like wrestling, better invest on high quality protective gears.

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