My Sister is Getting Married!

Happy New Year everyone!  I am getting good vibes already this 2011.  I had to work briefly last January 1 because my writers were out celebrating so maybe that means I will have more work this brand new year.  If that’s the case, I’m loving this new year already!

Anyway, I’m excited for this year.  We will be having our much overdue family vacation this March.  My long time college friend, roommate of almost three years, and sorority sister for life is set out to marry that month and it will be held at Subic, her hometown.  Of course, I can’t afford to miss it.  It’s also the best excuse to go on an overdue vacation since our family hasn’t been out-of-town since like forever!

I am really happy for my friend.  I have seen her struggles as a working, single mom and now she is finally saying goodbye to that and saying hello to a blissful married life.  I literally had tears in my eyes when she told me about the good news.  Don’t you just love happy endings?

They will be relocating to a new country to start their life as a family after this.  Though she will be in another country she can still continue her plans to further her education because there are now online colleges.  I suggested for her to take a look at the website, so she can know more about studying online.  Anyway, whatever new trials in the future she will encounter I know it will be breeze compared to what she had to go through before.  I can’t wait to meet her new partner in life and I hope he will treat her like a queen because she deserves it. Anyway, I’ve seen his pictures at Facebook and he seems to be a genuinely nice guy.  Best wishes to my sister, Diane!

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