How to Detect If a Text Message is a Scam

Have you ever gotten that text message that says, “How are you all?  This is my new roaming number.  Please text me here.  I love you!”

If your answer is yes then you’re not alone.  This is the latest text scam victimizing a lot of Filipinos.  A lot of us have relatives abroad, me included.  When I got this text message I immediately thought it was legit.  However, upon further inspection I realized it’s just a scam.  What gave it away?  Well, the fact that my husband and our household helper got the same text message too made me suspicious.  It also made me scared to think it might have already victimized a lot of people.

So if you are one of those people who have received this text message, please ignore it.  This is a certified scam that has been going around for months.  Furthermore, DTI has some tips on how to detect if a text message is a scam:

First, check if the source of the text message is just an ordinary 11-digit mobile number instead of the special four-digit numbers.

Second, check if the message would claim that the recipient won in a raffle they never knew they took part.

Third, if the message urges the recipient to claim his or her “prize” quickly. The DTI said promos usually give the winner 60 days to claim the prize.

Source:Yahoo News

If you have been a victim of a text scam report it at the DTI Direct Hotline at 751-3330.

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