What are HDMI cables?

High-Definition Multimedia Interface Cables – or simply HDMI cables – are specifically designed for use on high-definition televisions and home theater systems.

At first glance, an HDMI cable looks like a USB wire, so care must be taken when buying these cables at electronic stores. A single cable contains 19 wires, which in totality is cable of carrying a signal bandwidth of 5 gigabytes per second. There are two types of HDMI cables: the standard “Type A” has 19 wires while “Type B” contains 29 wires.

What makes HDMI cables different from other electronic cables? Most standard electronic cables transmit only analog signals. Even if the source is digital, the cable converts the digital signal into analog, resulting in poorer picture quality. HDMI cables, on the other hand, are designed specifically to carry digital signals, allowing them to pass through the cable without decompression or analog conversion. As a result, the picture is very sharp and the colors very clear and distinct.

Aside from higher quality TV viewing, HDMI cables also improve video game graphic resolutions making for more enjoyable game play.

While most digital TV sets have at the most one HDMI interface, it is recommended that multiple interfaces be installed to allow for connections to more peripheral components, such as Blu-Ray or video game consoles.

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