VGA Cables

First time personal computer buyers are often caught dumbstruck at the sight of the parts and cables that they would need to assemble to get their computers off and running. Perhaps the most easily identifiable part of a PC is the VGA (Video Graphics Array) Cable.

The vga cables are arguably the thickest among the cables that accompany a PC. The cable itself is usually color white to distinguish it from the other cables that connect other peripheral components to the PC. It also has a wide head with screws attached to its sides (known as a connector), which connects the computer to the monitor or a compatible projector.

At closer inspection of the connector, it has 15-pins arranged in three rows. Also known as a DE-15 connector, the VGA connector is attached to the PC via a corresponding port. It is through the VGA cable that analog component video signals and VESA Channel Day Channel data passes to create images on the monitor.

To ensure a good, stable image on the monitor, the pins of the VGA cable’s connector should be carefully inserted into the holes of the PC’s VGA port. Take care that the pins do not get bent as you plug it into the port. Once it has been plugged, the connector should be screwed tightly to the port of the PC.

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