HID Kits

When Xenon HID lights were introduced in the latest models of BMW, Porsche and Lexus, there has been a great demand from owners of other car brands to have HID lights be made able to other car makes as well. It is because of this demand that Xenon and other car light manufacturing companies have developed HID kits.

HID kits contain not only the HID lights. They also have the necessary parts, including the ballast, that a car owner would need to install the lights on their vehicles. For those who are don’t have the skills of a mechanic, the kit also includes easy-to-follow instructions on installing the lights.

There are HID kits available for every car brand and model, such as Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Acura or Audi. Car distributors require that the vehicle owner be specific as to the type of lights needed, such as low beam, high beam or fog lights. Also, HID lights come in a variety of color temperatures ranging from 4300K to as high as 30,000K.

Individuals who are interested in changing their traditional halogen car lights to HID lights should first consult with a car parts dealer. They will help you in choosing the specific HID kit that you would need for your car. You can make such inquiries through online car parts distributors.

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