Happy New Year!

How is everyone?  I hope everyone is giddy with excitement to welcome the new year.  For us, it’s a double celebration because it’s hubby’s birthday as well.  We’re celebrating it by being together this New Year.  At first, we wanted to go out but in the end we decided to just stay at home.  So here we are, the four of us plopped in our new king size bed.  It’s a Christmas gift from my dad because the new addition in our family meant we won’t fit in any size of bed but the biggest.  We already have nilaga in the stove ready to eat anytime.  Hubby is sleeping and baby Zach is in his rocker sleeping too.  Z is playing with his PSP and here I am blogging and savoring the cool breeze.

What I really love about this holiday season is the weather.  December has the perfect cool weather.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind if we have snow too because we haven’t experienced snow ever.  Going to Winter Wonderland in Star City doesn’t count. 

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