Funeral Planning

Nothing can be more painful than losing a loved one. Part of dealing with the grief over the demise of a parent, relative or friend is through planning for the funeral.

The first step in funeral planning is to determine if the deceased already has a memorial plan. Most individuals prior to their death have already paid for a complete memorial service, including wake or viewing services, mass services with a priest, and a coffin and plot for burial. Others who opt to be cremated have arrangements for a crematorium, a choice of an urn, and a place for the urn in a cemetery, crypt or columbarium.

For those deceased who have not made any funeral arrangements, you should get the funeral services that you want and which you can afford. It is advisable to check with local funeral homes on the packages that they offer. Some of these packages already have flowers, coffins, and use of a hearse or limo. Inquire also if the funeral home will be the one to coordinate with the traffic police when the deceased is brought to the final resting place.

While funeral planning may be a painful activity for the bereaved, it is their last chance to give a final and memorable farewell to their loved ones.

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