Finding Lost Dogs

Nothing can be more painful for a pet owner than the loss of his or her beloved dog. Most often, dogs manage to free themselves from their leashes and escape into the neighborhood or, worse, get stolen by unscrupulous individuals.  Such was the case with my stepmom’s dog.  Her shih tzu was stolen by a man riding a motorcycle in broad daylight.  They weren’t able to pursue the thief and now they can’t find their dog anymore.  That is also our fear for our beloved shih tzu, Chewee.  We always take extra precaution by locking the gate every time we’re out but we can’t help but think what if he manages to go out unnoticed.

It is because of the potential of dogs and other pets getting lost that laws have required owners to have their pets registered with their local animal agencies. While most registered pets come with an identification tag, more owners are turning to the convenience of RFID tags (which are inserted under the skin of the animal).

Any lost dogs that have been found with their identification tags intact can be promptly returned to their owners. In cases of pets with RFID tags, owners would require the services of a lost dog finder – a type of service being offered by the Humane Society of the United States and private companies such as FidoFinder – which utilizes a special device to track the radio signal that is being emitted by the RFID tag. Dogs that have lost their identification tags are commonly brought to the local Shelter for Lost Dogs where their owners can identify them and pick them up.

Animal welfare groups cannot emphasize enough the necessity of having dogs and pets registered. By registering a pet, it would enable the proper authorities to track the lost dog promptly and reunite them as soon as possible with their owners.

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