Baby Carrier, Rocker, Feeding Chair in One

After two weeks of carrying baby Zach I was more than happy to get a call from hubby saying he’s buying baby a rocker.  I don’t give my husband much freedom when it comes to deciding stuff for the baby.  After all, don’t we have the motto, “Mothers know best?”  Unfortunately, after giving birth to such a big baby, suffering from painful breastfeeding sessions, and having no sleep for a week I was more than ready to accept help from my hubby.  This was a major purchase and I didn’t even blink when he said it was worth P2,000.  If it would give me the sleep that I was looking for by all means buy it.  So last night he came home carrying something that looks like this but with a different color:

Baby 1st 3-in-1 Baby Carrier

Can be used as:

1. Carry cot with canopy

2. Fixed feeding chair

3. Rock chair with 3 position recline seat

One of the first things I noticed about Zach is he’s a light sleeper. With the rocker feature of the baby carrier, I can just rock him back to sleep if he gets disturbed by his kuya or by the noises outside.  Before I used to carry him for hours on end because putting him down means he’ll wake up just a few minutes later.  I guess the P2,000 price tag is worth it since it can be used up to 8 months.

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