At the Mall

We went to the mall on Daddy’s rest day. We had to go shopping for some important baby items (read:pacifier) and also I had to buy myself some nursing clothes.

Was able to buy the pacifier but Zachary didn’t like it. 🙁

I was happy I got myself a binder so I don’t see my tummy bulging coming out  of my clothes. Can you see my tummy in the picture?  The photo is dark but still I can see it! ugh!

Unfortunately, I was not able to buy any nursing blouses. Where do you buy those, anyway? Can somebody please help?!

3 thoughts on “At the Mall

  1. mai

    Hi paula! nice to see the baby going to the mall na. nursing wear, base sa nabasa ko sa other mommies, sa “Spoiled!” daw. I think Mommy Pages has a lot on their directory to recommend. Happy New Year to you, your family and your new baby!

  2. anSeL


    i know it’s so hard to find nursing blouse/shirt. But what I used to wear always are button down blouse and not too tight blouses. I hope this will help. Happy nursing!


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