Update from Hubby

Hubby called last night.  He had so many stories to tell but so little time.  So far here’s what I got.  He’s really having the time of his life there.  The place, he said, is simply awesome!  The food is great – the first day they ate shrimps, the second day they had lechon.  There’s oversupply of cookies and other yummy meriendas.  Hearing all these made me green with envy!  I wish I was there with him.  The best part of it all, he said, was rubbing elbows with the music greats like Jim Paredes and others.  I asked if Gary V. was already there and he said he just arrived that day.  I asked him what time they sleep.  He said they stay awake as long as their eyes permit.  They sing, talk, and play their guitars as late as 2am!

I miss him so bad but I love him too much to wish for him to come home soon. The truth is I almost wish this once-in-a-lifetime experience would never end.  I want him to spend more time with all his idols and his fellow musicians.

But alas, all good things have to end.  Our little one is already counting the days and he knows very well that in two days his Dad will come home.  He’s already looking forward for his pasalubong – his very own flute.

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