Technology and My Mom

We have two hp printers so I decided to give the extra printer to my mom. The problem was I kept of forgetting so for the longest time it stayed unused in our bedroom. Good thing we were able to visit her two weeks ago so now she’s the proud owner of her own printer. I can’t help but smile how far she has come when it comes to computers. We all know that during their time at school they weren’t able to study about computers but she has overcome that hindrance and has embraced the technology of computers and internet. Having no more kids to raise, she has all the time in the world to go online and even maintain her own blog.  We are even able to chat any time of the day so we hardly miss each other.  I’m proud that I have a mom that is cool enough to be able to embrace the benefits that new technology brings.  If before we have nothing to talk about, now we have something in common and we can be together all day and never run out of topic to talk about.

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