Link Exchange

When I started blogging, I have never heard of link exchange.  I thought all you have to do is write on your blog and you’re good to go.  So that’s what I did – I wrote and wrote until I realized it was really lonely having no one but you reading your posts.  That’s when I realized I have to blog hop and comment in order for others to find my blog.  I started having visitors to my blog that way.  There was one drawback though, as soon as I stopped commenting the visitors stopped too.

Website owners also have this problem.  Most of the time these website owners are businessmen trying to get their products sold online.  The only way for people to find them is through the search engine and they have to have a lot of incoming links in order to get high up in the search engine.  I have read before that people who search for something only get to visit the first or second website listed in the search results.  That is why a lot of websites are fighting over the number one spot.  They can comment their way to the top but it would be a long and arduous process.  That’s why it’s better if they participate in link exchange programs that offer one-way links.   I heard Voltrank is one such program and it offers many services that website owners will find very useful in their quest to reach the top of the search engine result.

I have never tried Voltrank personally but if I own a business I will definitely use their services.  I already know how time consuming and frustrating the link building process can be so it will be best to leave this process to the professionals who know what they are doing.

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