Holiday Eating

Holidays is around the corner. In the Philippines, it means abundant food and non-stop eating. We are family oriented so we’ll surely visit a lot of relatives during this season. That means we’ll not only eat in our house but in a lot of different houses. Even the most disciplined person can not resist the lure of food during the holidays. I’m sure many are already on the lookout for the best diet pills to help them survive the holiday eating binge.

I’m guessing we won’t have to serve any food during the holidays.  With a new baby coming this December, I’m sure all of our relatives would want us to spend the holidays with them so they can see the  new addition to our family.  My father already told me we will be off to Bulacan on Christmas day.  We haven’t decided yet where we’ll spend Christmas eve but I’m pretty sure it won’t be at our own home.  I really don’t mind because I can’t cook.  That’s why I’ll be leaving the  cooking to the experts and just do what I do best – eating!

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  1. Angela

    Hi mommydiary! I heard from a friends that Philipines will be full of colors & christmas decorations will be prepared 3months earlier. Wish i can visit Philipines during the holiday will be awesome!


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